Dogs Love to Bond

Any dog owner knows that dogs love to bond with their pack. They are also inclined to select a master to whom they devote most of their trust. Two stories jumped out at me today to remind me of this.

The first involves a British soldier serving in Afghanistan. Lance Corporal Liam Tasker was assigned to an ordinance disposal unit. His main task was to work with a Springer Spaniel named Theo to sniff out bombs. Take a look at this very sad story:

My uncle shared a story with my mother a few months back that is very similar to the one listed above. He went to a wake for a woman in her forties who had died of cancer. At a gathering back at the house, the dog made his way into the deceased woman’s bedroom. He curled up on her bed and died.The second story involves an orangutan and a hound. Take a look at this story:

Thanks to my “favourite sister-in-law” Donna Bursey for sharing the second story with me.

The bond between a dog and his pack and/or his master is one of a kind.

Here are two more picks – these ones with Reilly – that show some classic bonding. The first is a picture of my mother and Reilly. The second shows Reilly and my stepdad in Reilly’s favourite chair.

fran-and-reilly.jpg img_0286.jpg

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