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Three blogs in and I already have a bunch of other blog ideas. I guess that’s what friends are for. Here’s what’s comin!

THE TRUE CANADIAN DOG – Reilly stays with friends and is renamed Pierre.

FINISH WHAT YOU STARTED -picking Reilly from a litter of puppies.

THE LIFE OF REILLY – how Reilly got his name.

SUPERIORITY COMPLEX – LIFE ON THE PERCH – Reilly’s common position is high above everyone else – either on the back of a couch or staring down on you from an upstairs window.

BEST FRIENDS – Reilly’s best friend was a cat named Mouse.

THE GREETING – there’s nothing like a dog’s greeting.

THE SENTINEL – Reilly radar: he knows when you’re comin’.

SECURITY BLANKET – Reilly hates beds but he loves his blankets.

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