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Always Finish What You Start

Reilly came into our lives when my wife Sharon conspired with our sons Adam and Liam to give me a puppy. They knew that I missed our old dog, Spurr, who died a few years earlier. Spurr had been sick for a long time and her constant shedding had been enough of a disincentive for us to forgo getting another dog. However, Sharon knew that I missed having a dog and reluctantly agreed to give me a puppy for my birthday. Sharon is a very sensible woman: she didn’t go to the pound, grab a dog and bring it home; instead she gave me a bag full of dog toys … Continue reading

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The Truly Canadian Dog

When my wife and I decide to travel, and we need someone to take care of Reilly, our “go-to” couple is Lola and Claude. Both are dog people and they both love Reilly.   There’s one problem: Reilly leaves as a well mannered pooch with an Irish name whose ancestors hail from the highlands of Scotland and returns as the puppy of a French pastry chef. I am not even out the door and Claude is already calling Reilly by the name, Pierre. In other words, little Reilly is subject to intense indoctrination (I call it Frenchification) while he stays with Claude. Fortunately Lola tries to keep her husband from … Continue reading

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Upcoming Blogs

  Three blogs in and I already have a bunch of other blog ideas. I guess that’s what friends are for. Here’s what’s comin! THE TRUE CANADIAN DOG – Reilly stays with friends and is renamed Pierre. FINISH WHAT YOU STARTED -picking Reilly from a litter of puppies. THE LIFE OF REILLY – how Reilly got his name. SUPERIORITY COMPLEX – LIFE ON THE PERCH – Reilly’s common position is high above everyone else – either on the back of a couch or staring down on you from an upstairs window. BEST FRIENDS – Reilly’s best friend was a cat named Mouse. THE GREETING – there’s nothing like a dog’s … Continue reading

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Why I Can’t Swear

One of the more cathartic moments in my everyday life comes when, in a moment of utter frustration, I string together a plethora of profanities and vent my anger. I love all the bad words; the f-word and the s-word in particular have both figured prominently in my vocabulary – at least until recently. I especially love the tone and feel that swear words possess. I like the shock profanity still manages to muster in those hearing the words even though most swearing has become part of the vernacular. Unfortunately for me, my swearing days are numbered. Just a second ago, while I was working on this very column, the computer … Continue reading

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I Nearly Didn’t Love Thornbury

You should know that I came perilously close to turning sour on Thornbury. No, it wasn’t because I couldn’t afford anything at the diamond store. Instead it was the result of a traumatic incident – the details of which I will reveal to you presently (that’s about all the Charles Dickens I have in me so the rest of the story should read relatively normally).   My wife and I took possession of our condo in August. We moved in on the hottest weekend of the summer (lots of sweating; no air conditioning). The evening after we moved in I decided to explore the neighbourhood with Reilly. I ventured down … Continue reading

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Becoming a Weekender

 (Submitted to MOUNTAIN LIFE magazine – February 2011) There may not be a place in a magazine like this for a guy who contemplates life while walking his dog – but not everyone is an adrenaline junkie you know! You flip through the pages of Mountain Life and you see breathtaking pictures of skiers jumping off cliffs and mountain bikers weaving through densely populated forests. What about the guy who just likes a slow deliberate walk through town or a causal bike ride along the rail trail on his hybrid “comfort” bike.   While some people like to get their heart pumping others like to slow their heartbeat to a … Continue reading

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